I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Computer Science Department of Rutgers University, advised by Prof. Yongfeng Zhang. My current research focus is on large language models and deep learning for data integration. Previously, I worked on similarity search for high dimensional data, advised by Prof. Dong Deng. I obtained M.Phil. from the University of Queensland (advised by Prof. Xiaofang Zhou and Prof. Sibo Wang), and B.S. in Computer Science from Peking University.

I worked as an Applied Scientist Intern at Amazon Web Services and developed deep learning models for Identity Resolution in 2022. I worked as a Research Scientist Intern at Megagon Labs during the summer of 2021. I was honored to be mentored by Dr. Yuliang Li and Dr. Jin Wang.

Research interests

  • Recommender Systems
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Entity Resolution
  • Deep Learning
  • Similarity Search
  • Parallel Computing
  • Graph Algorithms


  1. Sudowoodo: Contrastive Self-supervised Learning for Multi-purpose Data Integration and Preparation ICDE 2023 Code
    Runhui Wang, Yuliang Li, Jin Wang.

  2. DeltaPQ: Lossless Product Quantization Code Compression for High Dimensional Similarity Search. VLDB 2021 Code
    Runhui Wang, Dong Deng.

  3. Parallelizing Approximate Single-Source Personalized PageRank Queries on Shared-Memory. VLDB Journal Code
    Runhui Wang, Sibo Wang, Xiaofang Zhou.
  4. Efficient Algorithms for Approximate Single-Source Personalized PageRank Queries. TODS
    Sibo Wang, Renchi Yang, Runhui Wang, Xiaokui Xiao, Zhewei Wei, Wenqing Lin, Yin Yang, Nan Tang.


I love sports and enjoy professional trainings.

Since highschool, I’ve won championships for multiple provincial competitions, and received the Chinese National second-level athelete (Badminton) Certification.

Since college, I’ve trained myself massively in running and powerlifting:

  • finished Beijing International Marathon in 4 hours 33 minutes (despite a sprained ankle);
  • participated in Nike University Elite Challenge-Wei Ming Relay (May 2015), and won the 3rd Place;
  • joined the First World Renowned Universities’ Dragon Boat Competition (Oct 2015), and won the 6th Place in 4000m Race
  • personal record: 200kg deadlift with 80kg body weight